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24Hr Monitoring

24 hour alarm monitoring is when your security system is monitored via a control station which is manned 24 hours

By having your security system monitered you can reduce your home insurance by up to 10%
Alarm System Monitoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When your system is armed and a zone is breached not only will the system activate all warning devices (e.g. Internal and external sirens) but a signal will be sent to the control station. When a signal is received the control station personnel will then contact you nominated key holders and will also notify the Gardai and other emergency services if needed.

Panic signals and fire signals are sent directly to the control station with no delay giving the control station enough time to notify the appropriate emergency services. For this, Panic Buttons and Smoke Detectors must be fitted as part of your security system.

Key Holding

All monitored alarms must have at least two key holders who can be contacted in the event of an activation. The keyholder should be able to:

  • Assist Gardai when they arrive
  • Ensure the property is secured
  • Reset the security system

We use C.P.Bell & Top Security Monitoring Stations